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The 1-Page Marketing Plan Book


Below are the resources referenced throughout the 1-Page Marketing Plan Book.

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Introduction Chapter Resources:

This is the blank 1PMP canvas you can use for creating your own personal 1-Page Marketing Plan. Print this out and fill it in as you read the book.

Chapter 2 Resources:

Here you’ll find a list of hundreds of the best headlines ever written. Use these and adapt them for use in your own marketing campaign.

Chapter 6 Resources:

Watch the Joshua Bell social experiment below:

Chapter 7 Resources:

Watch the Blendtec mad scientist blend an iPhone below:

Chapter 8 Resources:

Download a transcription of Russell Conwell’s Acres of Diamonds speech if you’d prefer to read it rather than listen to the audio.

Conclusion Chapter Resources:

This is a high level overview of the direct response marketing lifecycle. Use this as a map of your overall marketing strategy.