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Why Marketing Like A Large Company Will Kill Your Business

Marketing strategies change with scale. As a small business, mimicking big business marketing will only result in lost money and frustration. Here's why.
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How To Have An Unlimited Marketing Budget

When spending money on marketing one of the following three things will occur: Your marketing fails (i.e. you make less in profit than you spent
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You Are Not Your Customer

I recently watched a movie (can’t remember the name) where the snooty head chef after reading one of the order tickets starts shouting at the
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The End Of SEO As We Know It

I’ve always thought of Google as the all-knowing, omnipresent computer onboard the starship USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Ask it any question and it instantly
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How To Charge High Prices For Your Products And Services

How do you charge high prices for your products and services while having your customers thank you for it? In short by being remarkable. When
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Why Does Your Business Exist?

Many small businesses don’t have a reason to exist. Take away their name and logo from their website or other marketing material and you’d never
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We all want immediate results. But some things take time. So the key to winning in business is to sell your customers what they want.
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Why Crappy Offers Are Killing Your Marketing And How To Craft An Irresistible Offer

If you want to sell more you need an irresistible offer. Something that your prospects can't resist. Here's exactly how to craft it and skyrocket
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3 WAYS TO Uncover HIDDEN Profits In Your Business?

Every business has hidden profits. We're breaking down the three ways you can unlock these profits and start raking in dollars. Check it out.
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The Riches Are In the Niches

A niche is a tightly defined portion of a sub-category. If you want to attract a higher quality of customer you need to niche down.
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