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The Definition Of Marketing

Marketing can be incredibly confusing. Most people don’t really know what it is, they just know it can be the answer to their business prayers. 
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Posting on LinkedIn – 12 Tips FOR WRITING A LinkedIn Post People will Read

Over 50% of all social media traffic to business websites come from LinkedIn. So here's how to write a post that gets engagement and sends
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Marketing Strategy vs Marketing Tactics: What’s The Difference?

Most startups struggle to successfully market their business because they rely on tactics and have no strategy. To help you, I explain what is the
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Marketing Positioning – How Not to Position Your Business As a Commodity

If you’re new to marketing, you might be wondering why you don’t want to position your business as a commodity? Whether you’re selling freshly baked
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How To Build A Marketing Infrastructure That Scales Your Small Business Rapidly

A marketing infrastructure constantly brings in new leads, follows them up, nurtures and converts them into raving fan customers. Building it takes time, but when
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To give small business owners a checklist for implementing direct response marketing.

What Is Direct Response Marketing & Why It Works?

Direct response is a type of marketing strategy that compels high-quality prospects to take immediate action. This opt in method is perfect for SMEs.
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Marketing Your Business? 5 REASONS to Hire a Marketing Coach

Can a marketing coach help you to level up your business and skyrocket your sales? Absolutely. We show you why hiring a marketing coach is
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5 Underrated Techniques for Delivering a WOW Factor

Can you wow a client without sending a physical gift? Absolutely. There are many ways you can exceed your customers’ expectations without investing your hard-earned
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Can you have the same website if you serve a B2B and B2C market?

B2B vs B2C: Do you need different websites?

B2B vs B2C. What is it and do you need two different websites? We answer your burning questions.
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What is personalized marketing and should you care?

Marketing personalization: Why personalized marketing is key to customer acquisition and conversion

What is personalized marketing? And why do so many business owners get it wrong? Every day I get emails that start with “Dear Sir/Madam.” You
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