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Marketing blog for Small Business Owners


Learn powerful and proven direct response marketing strategies that will help you grow your business fast.

To give small business owners a checklist for implementing direct response marketing.

What Is Direct Response Marketing & Why It Works?

Direct response is a type of marketing strategy that compels high-quality prospects to take immediate action. This opt in method is perfect for SMEs.

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Marketing Your Business? 5 REASONS to Hire a Marketing Coach

Can a marketing coach help you to level up your business and skyrocket your sales? Absolutely. We show you why hiring a marketing coach is a must.

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5 Underrated Techniques for Delivering a WOW Factor

Can you wow a client without sending a physical gift? Absolutely. There are many ways you can exceed your customers’ expectations without investing your hard-earned …

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Can you have the same website if you serve a B2B and B2C market?

B2B vs B2C: Do you need different websites?

B2B vs B2C. What is it and do you need two different websites? We answer your burning questions.

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What is personalized marketing and should you care?

Marketing personalization: Why personalized marketing is key to customer acquisition and conversion

What is personalized marketing? And why do so many business owners get it wrong? Every day I get emails that start with “Dear Sir/Madam.” You …

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How To Generate Leads With The Visible Target Technique

Three proven ways to get more customers to buy more often. The visible target technique is the most reliable and cost-effective way to market your business.

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Business Coaching 101: How to Become a Business Coach

If you have the goal of becoming a business coach, we’ll show you how. Allan shares his top tips for building a coaching business.

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Use this 3-step formula when writing an elevator pitch for your business

How To Write Your Elevator Pitch (Winning Formula)

What is an elevator pitch and is it something you should care about? Absolutely. A good elevator pitch can be the difference between you getting …

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12 Best Marketing Tools for Small Business + Free Tools Checklist

So you’ve decided to build your marketing engine. Only you have no idea where to start. As a small business venturing into the marketing unknown, …

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8 Tools You Need to Build Your Home Recording Studio + Free Checklist

How to set up a professional home recording studio on a tight budget. Here are the 8 essential tools you need. Check it out.

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