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Certified Marketing Coach



Q1 2022 Dates

24 sessions over 12 weeks


Mondays, 5-6 PM CST

Thursdays, 5-6 PM CST

Over the course of 12 weeks, 24 live hours with Allan Dib and his team. This is an incredible amount of time with Allan himself to get you completely set up to become a transformational marketing coach.

Enrollment is limited and first-come, first-served until spaces are sold out.

What 1-Page Marketing Plan Certified Members receive:

Allan Dib Certified 1PMP Coach

Official 1PMP Certification Certificate

Embeddable Certification Badge for Your Social Media and Marketing Materials

Embeddable logos to use on social media
Examples of Certification Coach Profiles On Successwise

Listing in the Certified Consultants Marketplace on

The Ability to Use ALL of the Frameworks, Course Material and Learnings with Your New Clients

Course Discounts for Your Students

Use our 1-Page Marketing Plan Course as a primer for your clients in your work with them. Earn an affiliate account where you can pass on a 50% discount to your students. 

Your Own Dedicated Successwise Coach

Set up an hour-long call with your own dedicated Successwise Coach every other week to help get you unstuck and moving in the right direction. Share anything, get the inside scoop, get help coaching your guinea pig. A vital and highly valuable resource! 

Get Certified Get A Dedicated Successwise Web Page

Allan leads all sessions

Set up weekly check-ins with one of the Successwise Coaches:

Claire Marshall COO of Successwise

Claire Marshall

Our COO and master of all things team, sales and systems.

Jennifer Jones Coaching Director at Successwise

Jennifer jones

Our Coaching & HR Program Director, an excellent resource for exactly how we have set up our 7 figure coaching business.

Anna Kloth

One of our Successwise Coaches and our in-house branding, social media, and funnels expert. 

How The 1-Page Marketing Plan Certification Works

During the live sessions

Between the sessions

During Q&A Lives

After the program

Ultimately: You will gain knowledge, frameworks and certification to allow you to live a life of freedom and helping others.

Enrollment is limited and first-come, first-served until spaces are sold out.

Who gets certified?

Coaches, Consultants

You’re already a coach or consultant but you want to up your game and make yourself more marketable with our brand. You’re seeking the frameworks, the exact sales methods, marketing strategies that we use to run our 7 figure coaching business. 

Professionals transitioning to Coaching

You’ve spent years in your industry and want out. Now it’s time to take what you’ve learned and let us help you create a coaching framework where you’ll use your own knowledge and our marketing framework and strategies to build a massively successful coaching business, allowing you a life on your terms. 

CMO's, Directors of Marketing, Marketing Managers

Whatever the title. Why would you send your head of marketing back to school and spend a crazy amount on an MBA when your marketing person can learn directly from Allan Dib, exactly how to market your business? 

Business Owners

You’ve read the book but you’re still engaged in random acts of marketing with little return. You want Allan’s guidance and the help of peers to learn how to implement the 1-Page Marketing plan in your business for rapid business growth. 

Lifelong Knowledge Seekers

You can’t help yourself, you love learning and love having certifications under your belt. You loved reading The 1-Page Marketing Plan and want to learn marketing done right, from the best. 

The 1-Page Marketing Plan Certification has helped dozens of business owners – Leave corporate life, work on their own schedules, build 6-7 figure coaching businesses, work remotely, and gain back time and freedom.

But don’t take it from us...

Get Your Marketing Right with Coach Chad Baron

Learn How to Land Thousands of Dollars in Coaching Contract

“I was able to land a $15,000 coaching project, and since then I’ve been able to land additional coaching projects that are all directly related to what I learned in The 1-Page Marketing Plan certification course.” – Chad

Get Clarity on Your Own Marketing and Understand How to Teach It to Others

“I would recommend the certification program because what you will learn is how to make your efforts more effective, earn more dollars for your business, and to stop practicing random acts of marketing.” – Howard

Get Coached On Marketing Your Business With Howard Tennises
Craft Great Content with Coach Shannon Clark

Learn Sustainable, Human to Human Marketing Tactics That Build Relationships

“I finally started to understand through his way of teaching that it’s not about being salesy. It’s about relationships. I found that with Allan Dib, there was always this consistent thread running through everything that he taught that relationship was the most important thing, that you develop a relationship with your customers and your clients so that you can truly meet their needs, not just sell them a product.” – Shannon

Learn How to Structure Your Coaching Program and Make Real Money

“I recommend you take the courses and I absolutely recommend The 1-Page Marketing Plan certification course. I’m now teaching people how to market their business using that process and earning very good money from that activity.” – Brett

Systemize Your Business with Brett Baker
1PMP Certified Coach Glenn Haworth

Learn How to Get Your First Clients and Retain Them

“I went through the certification process and another period of about six months, I went from zero clients to 12 one-on-one paying clients.” – Glenn

Investment to become 1PMP Certified: $14,997

Marketing Mastery Fund: Scholarships available for The 1-Page Marketing Plan Certification

During the pandemic, we’ve created the Marketing Mastery Fund to provide significant investment aid as well as payment plans to those who apply. The scholarship, if granted, would cover part of the investment.