Certification Coach Alan Collins holds up his 1PMP book

Alan Collins

Sydney, NSW


Certified Marketing Coach


  • Marketing for trade business owners
  • Business Systematization using SYSTEMology®



Alan started Tradieology.com with a pure passion for trades business owners to give back at something he loves to do – Marketing!

In one of his business’ Westcork Electrical, he has seen firsthand how difficult it can be to get a flow of quality leads.

“I’ve been there, exactly where you are – I’m quiet this week!”

“The phone’s not ringing, no online enquires, busy one week, nothing the next, price matching and dropping, sleepless nights, wondering why you can’t get the leads?”

After years of training, investing in courses, spending thousands, and learning through the school of hard knocks, Alan knows what it takes to make a success of your Trades business. 

He will help you implement The 1-Page Marketing Plan and share key tips, strategies, and systems used in his electrical service business to ensure you get the best quality leads through the door.

Hearing “you’re too expensive!” will become a thing of the past.