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1PMP Certification Coach Andrea Mermingas



Certified Marketing Coach


  • Lean Business Model
  • 1PMP Implementation 
  • Marketing 
  • Mindset & Habit Change
  • Customer Discovery & Experience
  • Service Base Business development 



Andrea is an entrepreneur at heart, has had 10 businesses in different markets. She is the founder and lead coach at Empower. She has learned from experience, and a handful of trainings. Andrea knows what it takes to minimize risks and what it takes to grow your business. 

She can help you with strategies that work and she can empathize 100% with you whatever your situation is. She can help you If you have a startup or want to start a business and don’t know where to begin, if you have a small or medium business and want to grow and scale it or if you have a business that is not doing so well and you can’t identify what you should do to make it work. 

Andrea can help you with your marketing infrastructure, customer discovery, defining the solution/problem to your market, your message, business development, customer experience and lean business model. She is also a mindset coach who can help you adopt an abundance and growth mindset, get life/business balance and help you adopting great habits for your business and your life. 

*She can help you in Spanish or English.