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Chapel Hill, NC

Certified Marketing Coach


  • Mobile App Development
  • SEO & Paid Website Traffic
  • Website Design & Funnel Creation
  • Executive Streamline Coaching & Automation
  • Marketing Strategy and Plan Creation



Elana is the owner of Identity Marketing US, a digital marketing agency that is determined to help small businesses and nonprofits harness the best of technology and traffic from the internet. Elana brings over a decade of business process and engineering experience to the small business marketplace. After struggling as a small business owner herself while working in her own agency, Elana experienced a business breakthrough to exponential growth and success after she began developing processes, implementing automation and putting solid systems that fit her business in place.

“Struggling and Stuck” is a feeling that Identity Marketing US aims to eliminate from the vocabulary of every small business owner and entrepreneur that seeks to bring value to the world and employ their talents. Since marketing touches all aspects of a business, this insight coupled with a proprietary streamlining approach, gives Elana and her team the ability to deliver recommendations or implement strategies that will fundamentally improve a business and allow it to leap forward.

Identity Marketing US wants to help your small business leave its mark. Schedule a call today to see how we can help you delegate tasks, eliminate waste, automate your business and streamline your marketing breakthrough.