Jeremy Hope

Jeremy Hope

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Certified Marketing Coach


  • PIVOT – Turnaround your current business
  • EXPAND – Grow your business
  • ESCAPE – Take a six week holiday without your laptop
  • EXIT – Get out and do something new



As a serial entrepreneur, and marketer, I have built several multi-million dollar businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the USA (either for myself or my clients) in retail, construction, food, furniture, home hardware, managed services, property development, franchising and advertising.

It wasnʼt always like that. I made many mistakes, wasted thousands of dollars, and even lost my first dream home at the ripe old age of 22. But I also learned a lot.

I know how overwhelming it can be.
But Iʼm here to tell you it doesnʼt have to be like that.

Iʼve struggled and done all of the expensive trial and error.

And I can show you how to build and implement a robust marketing plan and systems that takes your business from just “doing okay” to… growing.

Regardless of the market.