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“Wow that’s the dream isn’t it?” My entrepreneur friend tells me as I let him know I’d just appointed a CEO to run my company and that I’d be focusing on big picture projects. My reply? “With the right person at the helm it is.”

When I appointed Claire Marshall to the role of CEO earlier this year,  I was confident I had the right person at the helm. Of course she’s talented, driven and super intelligent. But critically she’s also a good human being. She cares deeply about our clients and our team.

Together these qualities make a superb leader. I sometimes describe leadership as herding cats and over the past four years I’ve seen her herd cats like no one else. Getting team members, vendors, clients and probably most difficult of all, me, on the same page takes a special talent.

Claire has been the engine behind some of our most important projects like the course, certification, and our flagship coaching program. She started with the business as employee #1 and has grown with every new role and challenge she’s taken on.

It’s not easy handing your baby to someone else, but I’m confident the company is in great hands. More than that, I know how much work, talent, and grit will be needed for us to continue on our growth trajectory, and I’m certain Claire’s the right person to drive this.

One of the key things we teach our clients is the importance of focusing on our “genius zone.” It’s that activity that you’re uniquely talented at. For me that’s thought leadership, writing and content creation.

As Successwise grew it became much more difficult for me to stay in my genius zone – to the point where I was spending very little time there. Meetings, team management, vendor issues, projects, etc.

I have an amazing team but the role of CEO in a fast growing company is a very demanding one. A “manager” frame of mind is very different to a “maker” frame of mind. The former requires you to spin multiple plates, switch quickly between tasks and priorities and herd cats daily. To a maker this is disastrous. The maker thrives on large blocks of deep focus.

Knowing that Claire is taking care of the important and demanding manager role allows me to focus on making more and better content for you.

I’m thankful to be handing the reins over to someone so talented, capable and awesome. I know you will be too.

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