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1 on 1 coaching with rebellious marketer, Allan Dib

1:1 coaching

Learn how to create your own marketing capabilities in-house via regular intensive & interactive coaching sessions.

What makes you successful?

You’ve probably come across ads touting the 6- and 7-figure business.

“From Zero to Six Figures in Three Months” “How I Made $100,000 with One Coaching Funnel” “The Million Dollar Funnel”

“How I Went from Nothing to $200K in 90 Days” “5 Lessons I Learned in Making Six Figures From My Business”

Wouldn’t it be awesome to start from scratch, sign up for a marketing coaching program and almost overnight turn your startup into a
“6- or 7-figure business?”

It would be like winning the lottery. Right? But let me be honest.

Things like the 6- and 7-figure business is what you’d call a click-bait headline.

SO-CALLED COACHES and GURUS love to use these misleading and deceptive tactics to lure entrepreneurs like you to either buy a course or opt for a coaching program.

The truth is, most successful businesses don’t become multimillion-dollar companies overnight. 

There’s no guarantee that you’ll own a 6-figure business after signing up for this kind of coaching program either.

And the result?

Disappointment. A slap of reality that it’s just another awful marketing tactic. 

While these figures might matter to your business, numbers aren’t everything.

I met Allan quite a few years ago. I’d read his book and started implementing it through my bricks-and-mortar businesses. It was a real game-changer at the time, but then I went on to do one-on-one coaching with him, which was just incredible. And he’s still my coach today. Allan’s knowledge is continually growing. He’s always implementing new stuff into his training, into his learning, and developing new material. So I really recommend Allan as a coach.
Brett Baker, The Funpreneur

How do you define your success?

Perhaps you want to:

  • GROW your business?
  • PROSPER during difficult, crazy times?
  • BUILD and MANAGE a great team?
  • GAIN HIGHER ROI and MORE PROFIT? (not just revenue)
  • Earn MORE, work LESS?
  • ENJOY your life?

Maybe it’s all of the above, and it’s entirely possible. I’m going to show you how.

Allan Dib is The 1-Page Marketing Plan Coach

Hi, I’m Allan Dib, and I can help you achieve the SUCCESS you envision for your business.

I’ve met thousands of entrepreneurs around the world and I guarantee most of them share the same problem.

They say “hustling” is what makes an entrepreneur successful. Hustling used to be all about hard work, pushing yourself to the limits and making your own sacrifices.

This time, sacrifices have turned into struggles. And you’re probably guilty of this too.

Are you regularly up around 3 AM worrying about everything you have to do and all of the things you haven’t done?

How many cups of coffee do you drink while juggling multiple projects on your desk?

When last did you spend quality time with your family and friends aside from weekends?

I know. Entrepreneurship demands sacrifices. But is it still WORTH IT if…

  • You’ve built your business from scratch but you’ve barely moved the needle in the past couple of years.
  • You’re losing more money than you’re bringing in?
  • You’re full of self-doubt, worries and frustrations?

You weren’t prepared to walk away from the entrepreneurial dream so you tried a lot of ways to boost your marketing game like

  • Handling your sales and marketing team on your own,
  • Investing in cold calling, buying mailing lists, and other traditional marketing tactics,
  • Enrolling in as many marketing courses as you can,
  • Hiring and training more people on your team,

And still, nothing seems to work? Feel stuck? Haven’t cracked the code yet?

Here’s what I know to be true…

Either there are gaps that you don’t see. So, some puzzle pieces are missing.


There’s nothing missing. You just haven’t put all of the pieces together in the right place. This is when coaching can massively benefit your business

Stop doing random acts of marketing…
And let me help you build a fully systemized approach to marketing.

Allan Dib is one of those guys who genuinely care about you and the outcomes you get. I think that’s what I enjoy most about working with him. There’s no BS. He’ll figure out what’s the shortest path to achieving your goals, and he’ll go over and above in helping to deliver that, whether that’s time, support, whatever you need.
David Jenyns, Systemology

Allan Dib’s 1:1 Coaching Program

Before you think that I’m just any other marketer or sales guy who will teach you one massive, mind-blowing trick or anything like that, you’re wrong.

Why? Because “one” is the most dangerous number in business.

Say you want to earn $100K a month through Facebook Ads, get leads only from your mailing list, or write one book that will help you reach your first million.

I won’t say they’re 100% impossible.

But we both know that business isn’t about doing one thing and another, and another.

I’m not here to direct all your marketing efforts in only one or a few areas. Small wins matter, but a multiple of them doesn’t equate to real success.

More importantly, being single-source dependent is not the answer. You might hit a one-time, big-time jackpot, but this can also become your single point of failure. 

In a snap, you can lose EVERYTHING.

This is what makes my coaching program different from the others. 

We can help you build internal marketing capabilities from scratch and manage a full marketing system. You can learn more about the benefits of hiring a marketing coach here.

I also offer group coaching. If you want to learn more about the difference between group and 1:1 coaching check out the link.

A plan

A blueprint

A team (Yes, we hire for our clients)

A roadmap that keeps your business moving forward

And this is why I follow a 1:1 Coaching Roadmap that will make things systemized for you.

Allan Dib’s 1:1 Coaching Roadmap

If you think we covered a few things about your business in our consultation call, we'll dive deeper through a detailed diagnostic. 

You'll receive a questionnaire that tackles:

  • a quick overview of your business
  • your business model and structure
  • your current marketing and sales strategy
  • your team
  • the systems you use
  • your cash flow management

Ideally, on this call I'd like to know where you are right now—so what are your current roadblocks, goals, and future plans—as well as what success looks like for you.

The first step in our roadmap, which is the detailed diagnostic, will be a key part of the gap analysis.


The gap analysis leads you through an examination of where you are now versus where you want to be.


We'll work together on identifying and bridging the gaps between these two states to achieve your business goals.

Business is a team sport. You can't win alone. 


I’ll help you implement the type of organizational structure that works best for your business. If you're struggling with building your in-house team, you either have the wrong team members, or the right team members in the wrong seats. 


I work with my expert recruiters to help you get the right people on seats by hiring new people, or shuffling your team to designate them into their proper roles. 


Our mission is to help you build your internal marketing capabilities for lasting, sustainable growth and we do that by consulting, hiring, onboarding and strategizing with you and your new team

In 90 days, we will set goals you want to achieve. A month flies fast, while a year is way too long. This period is a really good chunk of time for goal setting.


Together, we’ll define 90 day goals and keep track of them over the course of our consulting. We keep everything clearly in Asana so you and your team know exactly what to do when and how we’re tracking towards goals.

Stringing together a bunch of random tactics is not what we call strategy. Strategy is the big-picture planning that will become the foundation of your business. 


So I'll help you create your strategic plan, which is very much based around The 1-Page Marketing Plan.

After working on your strategic plan, we'll break it up into a tactical plan. This is divided into three major branches: tools, assets and processes.


  • Tools - This is where we choose appropriate tools that will help you run and upscale your business in a much more efficient manner.
  • Assets - We'll work together on building and managing your marketing assets so your website, blogs, email list and so on.
  • Processes - Marketing is a process, not an event. So we'll create processes that you and your team need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis because persistence beats creative genius every time.

Finally, we measure metrics so you'll know if we're on track or off track.


We've got two types of metrics to measure:


  1. Lag metrics will tell you what has already happened. Essentially, they are in the past, so there's nothing much we can do but measure them.
  2. Lead metrics will tell you what will happen in the future. And we will use it to take proper action whether things are going right or wrong.


First, fill out this form.

I want to make things quick and easy for you. So simply fill out the form with your contact information, share something about your business and I’ll get back to you quickly!

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Dedicated to your success,
Allan Dib