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The Consulting Toolbox arms you with a plug-and-play collection of proven templates, frameworks, and processes used to scale your consulting business to 7+ figures.

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what comes to mind when you think of scaling your business?

Creating new offers?

Spending more time on social media?

While these are fantastic ways to scale, they’re not the easiest or fastest.

Every tool you'd need to scale your coaching business
Scaling your Coaching Business year on year requires a formula

you started your business to create more income, impact & time for yourself

Right now?

You’ve got a ton on your plate, from getting enough leads through the door to making sure your business is running properly.

You want to scale. To grow. But in a way that gives you more of the freedom you started your business for.

So how do you scale without adding even more stressful work to your to-do list?

BUT the path to tremendous growth Is sitting right in front of you...

Two words: client systems.

Too many advisors focus on finding new ways to scale and reinvent the wheel, when it’s far easier to instead streamline and optimize your existing processes.

Because here’s the thing…

Coaching Business Growth starts by optimizing your existing processes

see, most client processes tend to look like this:

Spending hours scrambling to follow up with leads (many of which are non-ideal).

Sitting at your desk writing the same tedious emails to all your different clients.

Hopping on client calls with a vague idea of how things should go, but never truly sure if you’re doing it right.

Day after day of constantly having to ask your clients if they’ve done the work like you asked them to.

Then once it’s all said and done? You likely get happy testimonials, but nothing extraordinary. And then it’s back to finding the next client.

five ways you may be overcomplicating your coaching business for clients
Without systems you'll be delivering substandard coaching to your clients and they'll leave



Dream prospects end up not converting, which means potentially thousands of dollars lost (and even more trying to refill your pipeline).

New clients don’t feel confident in your ability to help them, so they’re less likely to take action.

Clients don’t see results, and thus don’t stay on to work with you on a long-term basis.

And most importantly, they don’t refer you, which means missing out on one of the easiest ways to get new qualified clients.

UNoptimizeD client processES



In case you’re new, hey. I’m Allan Dib, rebellious marketer, serial entrepreneur, and bestselling author of the 1-Page Marketing Plan.

I remember when I was trying to scale, thinking, “Why is this so hard?”

It took my team and I years of trial and error, along with losing some of the biggest clients you can imagine, for me to realize what it all came down to.

But I learned that the most successful advisors are ones who ensure:

They have a sales process to convert clients like clockwork.

They have a framework that gets clients powerful results, building credibility, authority & loyalty.

And that they have a world-class consulting experience that makes people want to spread the word.

Once it hit me, boom – Successwise grew in bursts and I’d created a system that turned my clients into one of my greatest marketing assets.

Rebellious marketer Allan Dib wrote the book he wished he had when building his businesses

the right systems convert

prospects → clients
clients → success stories
success stories → advocates

and create a business that runs off referrals

we tirelessly perfected our systems & processes so you don't have to

If you’ve got a new dream client that you want to close this week, I want you to be able to close them without having to pull a series of emergency all-nighters drafting follow-ups.

If you’re working with a premium client right now, I want you to be able to wow them and prove that you’re worth every cent.

I want you to be able to win, to see your clients win, without making costly mistakes that could set you back for years.

I want to save you time figuring it all out. To give you everything you need to instantly turn your consulting business into a gold-standard experience.

Our 1:1 coaching team has over 20 years experience helping other SMEs level up


plug-and-play templates, systems, & resources
to instantly elevate your business



this operating system:

Gets the right prospects into your inbox and turn them into high-paying clients.

Makes sure your clients get real results so they’ll see the value in sticking with you.

Creates consistent revenue for the business by increasing retainers, boosting referrals, and elevating your authority.

get the exact system we use to consistently generate millions in revenue

High-Converting Sales Templates

Comfortably follow up with new leads, convert more clients, and avoid the bad fits, all by plugging in proven templates (as opposed to spending hours writing the same email to 8 different prospects). You’ll have access to the exact emails we send to our leads to convert them into paying clients.

The easy to follow method for onboarding coaching clients quickly and efficiently

World-Class Onboarding System

There’s nothing worse than converting a new client and scrambling to get them up to speed. Make sure your clients are onboarded smoothly, and onboarded right, by implementing the same system, questionnaires, worksheets, and contracts we use in our business.

The 9-Step Consulting Roadmap for Powerful Results

Getting clients results is how you retain them for the long haul. It’s how you attract new high-paying prospects. When you implement the same signature framework we use, you’ll start getting your clients real results. They’ll see you as a valuable investment, and not an expense.

The Consulting Board to Keep Clients on Track

Say goodbye to stagnant clients and wondering if your clients are taking action. You’ll see exactly how we keep track of all our clients’ progress and what they need at any given stage of the process. Keeping them accountable never felt so easy!

Shock & Awe Resources to Make You Memorable

Referrals are worth their weight in gold. When you surprise and delight your clients, they’ll be that much more likely to spread the word. You’ll see exactly how we give our consulting experience that “wow” factor that sets us apart and keeps clients coming back for more, and how to do the same for your business.

We explain why shock and awe marketing is vital to wining high-ticket customers
Successwise knows the importance of marketing tools, we share our best

The Tools to Keep the Engine Running

This toolbox wouldn’t be complete without a complete checklist of all the tools you’ll need in your business to get the most out of your purchase. These tools will help you save hours of time being in the weeds of your business, and of course, make you look that much more professional.

A pocket-sized investment that’ll lead to huge results for your business.

Pipedrive Template for Incoming Leads
Lead Email Sequences
List of Zaps Used
Onboarding Questionnaire
Asana Onboarding Checklist
Expectations Contract
Consulting Roadmap
Consulting Notes Template
Asana Consulting Board
Tools to Use Checklist
Shock & Awe Worksheet
We explain how our coaching toolbox levels up your consultancy

This was created for you, the entrepreneur who wants to...

generate the right kind of consulting prospects into clients so you bring in consistent revenue.

deliver a great first impression with strong experiences so you retain your clients.

move your clients along through your consulting process so they get the results they’re looking for.

and give your clients a wow factor so they keep coming back to you!

This will work for you as long as you’re providing some form of consulting or strategy for clients.

it’s time to make a decision

option 1

Click away and continue on your merry way while trying to recreate the wheel, continuing to spend year after year trying to wrap your head around this consulting thing, while others are hitting their goals out of the park.

option 2

Purchase the Consulting Toolbox for only $97 (which you’ll more than make back with a single client), and thank yourself later when you’re bringing in consistent revenue and have successfully scaled your business without breaking a sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, pat yourself on the back because you’ve just made a valuable investment for the long-term success of your business.

Second, you’ll receive an email in your inbox granting you access to your dashboard, where you can access everything in the toolbox, including downloadable PDFs, docs, and training videos.

You will need to have tools such as (or similar to) Asana and Pipedrive to get the most out of this toolbox. But all of our systems and processes can be applied to any existing tools or software you already have in place. Most of the tools we use are either incredibly cheap or free.

You absolutely can. But ask yourself, would you rather try your luck with templates and resources people threw together for free, or carefully fine-tuned systems and processes that a 7-figure business is already currently using to scale? If you want to skip the guesswork once and for all, this toolbox is your best bet.

This will only take you a few minutes to plug and play into your business. For certain tools that need set up, it might take longer, but certainly a lot less time than if you were figuring it all out yourself. I mean it when I say this will save you hours of unnecessary headaches.

Forever! You will have lifetime access to the Consulting Toolbox upon purchase.

  • Ask questions live
  • Join Focus Sessions to get work done 
  • Connect with our community of marketers
  • Access 110+ masterclasses which will guide you through each step