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Answer just 30 short questions. Uncover the missing pieces in your business. Optimize for exponential growth.


You’ll get your results broken down in 18 pages of actionable strategy.

See how your marketing measures up & know exactly where to optimize for better returns.

See how your marketing measures up & know exactly where to optimize for better returns.

Understand what you need to create a more streamlined marketing strategy, and start attracting more leads, more sales, and more revenue.

By the end of this quiz, you’ll…

Have a clear picture of where to start.

No more throwing spaghetti at the wall. You’ll know exactly what’s missing in your business and which direction to take next.

Have practical steps so you can implement with ease.

Theory alone isn’t enough. You’ll get personalized action steps to help you execute flawlessly.

Attract more prospects, boost sales and stand out from the crowd.

And once you’ve implemented everything? The goal: for you to see incredible growth, because you deserve to be thriving, not surviving.

Who am I to quiz you? Good question.

Hi, I’m Allan. Serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer, and bestselling author of a million-person movement.

A movement driven by one mission:

To help business owners like you master marketing by breaking it down clear and simple.

And in the last few years? I’ve helped more than 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide grow their businesses, published the book that’s held the position of Amazon’s #1 in Global Marketing since 2016, and grown Successwise to a multimillion-dollar consultancy.

All by using the same exact insights you’ll get out of your customized report, once you complete this quiz.

So what are you waiting for?

Rebellious marketer Allan Dib wrote the book he wished he had when building his businesses
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