Using Technology To Fight The Small Business Trust Bias

Ask most people and they’ll tell you they despise dealing with large, dumb companies. Poor service, indifferent staff and out of touch management are hallmarks of large companies. Yet for some reason we keep dealing with them despite knowing that there are probably much better options out there. One of the biggest reasons behind this …

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Just Say No

Mama raised me to be helpful and obliging. As a kid that served me well. The pat on the head and warm praise of the words, “good boy” was its own reward. However in adult relationships this is known as being a doormat. In business, it’s naivety and the road to failure and misery. Learning …

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Getting Unstuck

Are you a victim of the next shiny object syndrome? There are so many great opportunities out there these days, it’s easy to be swayed by something new on a frequent basis. Everyone knows that success requires focused attention. Trouble is, it’s hard to maintain focus and easy to get caught up with the next …

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Time Is NOT Money

As an entrepreneur, sometimes it’s easy to get into the trap of focusing on making money rather than on delivering value. Making money and delivering value are often confused because they often go together. It’s important to remember that as entrepreneurs we get paid for bringing value to the market. Sure it takes time to …

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