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The Formula For Rapid Business Growth

Einstein’s famous definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, is well known but rarely acted upon.

At the start of every new year people talk about “resolutions” with the hope that as the last digit of the date increments that things will magically become better.

When they hit week two or week three of the new year their “resolutions” become a distant memory as they return to routine and the daily grind.

Resolutions are a close cousin of wishes – basically nothing more than goals which have no plan or action behind them.

Chances are if nothing changes in your regular routine, nothing will change in your business or personal life.

I elaborate more on this concept here.


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One of the commonalities amongst high growth businesses I’ve observed and personally experienced is that they focus heavily on marketing and make a lot of offers.

Some of these offers end up being misses and some end up being hits. The exciting part is that you don’t need many hits to offset your misses, especially if you place “small bets” by first testing with a small sample of your list.

By making many offers, you start to get a very good sense of what works and what doesn’t. When you become a prolific marketer it’s much easier to spot trends and scientifically measure response by split testing.

They’re also not timid with their offers. They take risks, use compelling copy and make outrageous guarantees.

Could it really be that simple? Making more offers, more often?

The short answer is yes. The fundamentals never change. Sure there are now more channels through which you can make offers, new marketing technology to help you track return on investment and split test, but the fundamentals never change.

More offers, more often = rapid business growth.

Being more prolific with your marketing will create a buzz in your business. Your clients and prospects will start to notice you more and you’ll start to cut through the clutter and fill up your sales funnel. 


Any change that becomes part of your routine, whether positive or negative, will have a profound impact over time.

If you make the crafting and sending offers to your list of clients and prospects part of your weekly routine, within a year’s time you’ll have a dramatically different business.

You’ll have made the exciting shift from business owner to marketer who owns a business.

Making regular offers will make you a better marketer. Getting good at the science of marketing is the key to rapid business growth.

And when you get better, everything will get better for you.


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